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Some Points To Consider When Travelling

Some insurance companies have become very enlightened to provide travel insurance over 65.  They have realised that some pensioners in our modern world have a sizable disposable income and they want to travel now they are free of work constraints.


They have also realised that pensioners these days are far more active than their parents and therefore stay healthier longer into old age.  However if you are not one of the healthy lucky ones, you can still obtain travel insurance, even if you have a terminal illness or a pre-existing medical problem.


In the latter case you may not be able to have a policy that allows you to travel the world for a year, but you will be able to go on holiday, say, for a month or two.  This is an understandable stipulation as if you have a medical problem or have a terminal condition it is far more likely that you could end up in hospital abroad.


Obviously it is really essential when you are planning the trip of a lifetime to take out an appropriate travel policy.  In fact it is advisable at any age to have insurance in place as you never know what lies behind the corner.


If you have an existing illness and you are taking medication, you should first of all disclose this to your insurer.  You should also take more medicine with you than you normally need when travelling abroad.  If you should not disclose a pre-condition you may find that treatment will be declined when abroad.


When travelling in Europe you are able to apply for a medical card, but this will give you only basic treatment.  It is advisable, therefore to take out additional insurance.


It may be that you will be able to buy insurance cheaper on line as these companies do not have to staff an office and pay rent in the high street.  It is also easier for the ones amongst us for which mobility is a problem.


Very often travel insurance over 65 works out cheaper on-line.  Please visit our website at itssoeasytravelinsurance