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A Few Comments About Medical Holiday Insurance Needs

Holiday insurance for pre existing medical conditions is usually hard to get.  Diabetes is one of these conditions. They often attract higher premiums because the insurers have to calculate the risk whether you are likely to need medical treatment when you are away on your trip. 


However with medical advances all treatments for these conditions are very well controlled and there is no reason that you feel unwell when you are not in the United Kingdom or not.  The secret lies on how well you manage your condition.  If you take your medication at the appointed time and have regular meals, you should feel no different as if you were at home.


In fact, if you are away relaxing, there is no reason why you should not feel better than before.  If you have type 2 diabetes, the condition is much easier to control than if you had diabetes from an early age.

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Insulin dependent diabetics need to know that in a hot climate where most people like to take their holidays, insulin needs to be kept in a fridge to keep your medication safe. I know this because my husband needed to take insulin when his condition was bad and the chemist packed his supply with icepacks to take home.


It is quite essential to take out holiday cover if you are going to a country that is not within the European Community.  Don’t get me wrong, but the European Health Insurance Card is not much use if you are outside the confines of a trusted friendly nation. 


There are countries on the Mediterranean coast that have excellent health care, but it comes at a cost.  Compared to European standard the care is not expensive, but it will still take a slice out of your holiday budget.  It all depends where you are.


In Greece, for instance, medical care is not cheap and if you are not in the right place near a good hospital dicey to say the least.  Good insurance will keep you safe.


If you need holiday insurance for pre existing medical conditions the logical step is to log on to itssoeasytravelinsurance