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Travelling with/following Breast Cancer: Understanding Insurance

Having breast cancer is traumatic; however, it’s important to take the time to enjoy yourself too. Whether you’re undergoing treatment, or you’ve recently discovered you’re now cancer-free, travelling can help to alleviate the stresses and strains brought about from the disease. However, it’s important to make the holiday as stress free as possible.


One of the best ways to reduce the stresses of travelling with, or shortly after having, cancer, is to make sure that you have the right type of cover. This will give you peace of mind that, should you need it, you have access to the necessary medical interventions.


Here are some things that you need to consider when taking out travel insurance when you have, or have recently had, breast cancer:


  1. Always disclose the cancer to your travel insurer if you want to ensure that you have adequate cover. You will find that plenty of insurers will refuse to cover you for this cost, but don’t worry, because there are plenty of others that will. You can choose not to disclose the cancer, but if you fall ill and the hospital/doctor believes that the cancer compounds the issue, you may not have cover. This can leave you with hefty medical bills, so our advice is always to disclose cancer. The same is true of any type of illness.


  1. Shop around to find the best deal. As stated above, some insurers don’t offer cover for breast cancer travel insurance, but plenty do. However, don’t just settle for the first quote you find, shop around and compare the market. When making comparison, don’t simply focus on price, but consider the comprehensiveness of the cover too.


  1. Keep a good record of the treatments you have received and any medication you might have taken/be taking. This will help you to provide the correct information to the insurer, and in turn will help them to find you the best breast cancer travel insurance cover.


  1. If the quotes are coming in too high, then it might be worth getting a note from your doctor or hospital, or allowing the insurers to contact the doctor/hospital directly with full disclosure. The more information the insurer has, the better the cover. Furthermore, you may find that companies that are not willing to offer you insurance may be more inclined if they have authority from the doctor regarding the course of the cancer.


  1. Contact the insurance company directly. Sometimes an insurer may be able to insure you over the phone, even if they do not allow insurance when using their online forms.


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