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It’s So Easy To Obtain Insurance When Over 65

People reach an older age before they start to suffer from age related diseases these days.  For this reason travel insurance over 65 is now much easier to obtain if you want to go on a lengthy trip.


In fact many companies offer cover with no upper age limit.  Even if you should suffer from a chronic condition such as trouble with your heart, you will still be insurable with a few provisions but you should pay particular attention to travel insurance for heart conditions.  Firstly your premium may be higher because of the risk involved to the insurers and secondly you may not be able to take the lengthy trip of a lifetime that you had planned for.


Even though you will probably pay a little more for your insurance than when you were younger, the premiums are still affordable, given the cover you will get.  There are different levels of insurance and you can pick the one that best suits you.


However, in these cases you will still be able to make trips of a couple of weeks.  The reason for this is that medical conditions are now very well managed with drugs.  It is sometimes very beneficial to travel to a country where the climate is good and perhaps sometimes with less pollution than in our own country.


It is always good advice not to lie about the state of your health.  If you are a diabetic or have some other illness then be very candid with your insurers.  The last thing that you need to happen to you is that you are stranded in some foreign hospital and the company won’t pay out.


Medical bills can be very high outside the United Kingdom, especially if you are not travelling in the European Union.  This is especially true if you should wish to visit the United States, where medical intervention is both expensive and sometimes not good.

If you find it difficult to obtain any cover at all you can still travel within the Union as you will be able to apply for a European medical card.  Countries there are obliged to give you basic medical assistance if you should fall ill.


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